Toyota Vitz Review

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Here in Pakistan, one of the best things about importing cars seems to be not the red ferarri you sometimes see on the streets of Lahore, but the car for the people, Toyota Vitz!

Now, this is a great car. I have talked to at leas three owners of this sharply round car and all three did not have good things to say about the car; they had great things to say about it!

Toyota Vitz (also marketed by Toyoto as Yaris in countries like Australia) is a small car, a direct comptitor to Suzuki’s Cultus (I do not have good things to say about the pathtetic excuse for a car in the form of Cultus, I just hope Suzuki gifts us the highly cool Swift!). Anyways, Toyota Vitz is small and that is where the goodness starts.

It is highly fuel efficient. The engine seems to be built for CNG as all the three owners I talked to had CNG-fitted Vitz. One of them insisted I drive the car to see that the CNG does not affect the car’s pick up! Compare that with the folks at Honda showrooms ‘encouraging’ people NOT to use CNG in Honda cars. (That is another story waiting to be told here at Car Advice, for updates please subscribe! 🙂 ).

Vitz comes in 3 and 5 door varities with 1300 and 1500 CC engines. Some models also come with a 1500 CC engine though I have not heard of this model in Pakistan. (Have you? Let us know in the comments please). If you are considering to buy Toyota Vitz then I must tell you my friend, the car has no competition. Seeing the newer models of the car (especially the three door Vitz) is really a cool thing to see. Stuck like lemmings in shiny metal boxes, a red Vitz next to you can perhaps make you a tad more comfortable. (Or perhaps I am stretching this a bit too far? Hmmm).

The prices for Vitz have been fluctuating, ranging from 6 lacs all the way up to 9 lacs (in part, thanks to the ‘fluctuating’ conditions of the Pakistani economy). The banks will not loan any car that is more than 5 years old, so this means Vitz with models as new as 2008 running the streets of Pakistan, one can easily get the car leased as well. (And then get crunched by credit perhaps? :/ )

The pick up is great, fuel economy is what Vitz owners rave about, the shape (especially of the newer ones) is way above average, the engine is tough and takes CNG like a hand to a glove, the parts are available in the market, has signigicant resale value (if you plan to sell it; the three owners, all of them were intent on keeping the car indefinitely!). If you are in the market for a car in this category, think about it, what will you buy instead? A Cultus? Please!

P.S. For more pictures and history and information about this car, check out the Wikipedia page. Image coutesy of Wikipedia (the car is parked not anywhere in Pakistan that I know 😛 ).

50 thoughts on “Toyota Vitz Review

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    Hope to see you guys around 🙂
    @Bruce: Your blog is quite well stuffed with content. You are using the Cutline theme by Chris Pearson and that is a very good theme no doubt! (I plead guilty of being a WP junkie of sorts from a design aspect 😛 )

  3. I own a Vitz too and I would be the 4th owner you are aware of, who wants to keep this car indefinitely. However, just to add a little to the information provided here, the 1300 and 1500cc models are not available in PK. It is only 1000cc models (it includes both pre and post-2005 models) that we have here.

    Secondly, I know a couple of people who are not happy with their CNG experience in Vitz. The problem might be due to an imperfect installation or the kit itself, but it does highlight a slight possibility of something going wrong when you get a CNG on board. So I opted not to go for it and am currently bearing the through-the-roof petroleum prices. The CNG experience of your acquaintances is indeed encouraging and I think a few more such examples would convince me to go for it. I hope your comments section can provide me those.

  4. Hey Aqeel!
    I tend to believe that yes, there might be a problem with the CNG kit installation. A friend/cousin of mine who owns a Vitz has it on CNG. He lives in Islamabad and works in the army and is posted in Gujranwala. A terrible commute on any given day :P. Every other weekend or so, he travels. He is a big fan of his CNG Vitz, claiming that he got it fitted through this guy his friend of a friend of a friend knew 🙂 . He also says that it is because of the, and I quote, ‘masterful fitting’ of his CNG that it has been performing so well. He did tell me the mileage he was getting out of it as well, something ridiculous like PK Rs 2-3 for a KM. (He goes from GUJ to PINDI in less than a 1000 rupees for sure!) You convinced yet? 🙂
    If you want, I can get the number and contact details for you for that CNG fitter.
    And yes, thanks a bunch for your well thought-out comment!
    Hope to see you around. 🙂

  5. Hi folks,

    Can any body guide me, that any spare parts shop of Vitz available in Karachi vicinity. If yes plz let me know b/c last week unfortunately one of my right side mirror is being stolen.

  6. @Yasir: Hey, did you find any spare parts for Vitz? And I guess someone was looking for them before you and saw your Vitz side mirror. Hope you stay safe, God bless.

  7. I have a vitz. Its on petrol because i hate the idea of putting my car’s engine through the humiliation of being inefficient. And let me tell you, an Petrol the vitz is not a penny pincher at all, its still fairly decent in terms of fuel economy but not as much as a cultus (the cultus is a khota rehri though so that’s a baseless comparison, but still i expected better from a vitz). Furthermore, the Vitz is by far the slowest car i have ever driven. By far. It takes a decade to get from 0 to 100 and when it does get there its virtually impossible to keep it there making motorway traveling a chore. I’m assuming the Manual version fares better in this department because the default ratios for the automatic seems set on irritate. BUt the list of grievances ends there. In every other way this car is gem. Its small without being stifling, the seats are commodious and comfy, the lay out is ergonomically perfect, the trunk is larger than you’d expect, rear leg room is amazingly ample. Its a joy to drive if you don’t feel the need to drive stupidly fast like i do and its far far more presentable than anything else on the market. Hence if yur thinking small car, you should be thinking vitz because the buck stops there. Plus its a toyota and though toyota never did make passion machines like honda they know how to make a perfect appliance. However, keeping this car indefinitely is not something which i plan on doing, as soon as the new swift is readily available i’m trading out my vitz for that rowdy little trouble maker. Its a freaking Escudo dude, imagine driving an escudo on the roads of lahore. Hallelujah!

  8. Now that’s just unfair 🙂
    I am doing an article on Swift as we speak, God willing will be up by tomorrow.
    The Swift ‘looks’ like a fun car, just the right mix. Of cos, anyone who lays their hands on it, swears by it.
    But Vitz in some cases, does turn out to be a fluke. Some get it nice, some well, some dont. 😛

  9. Well Frndz i wana buy a Vitz just tell me how vitz works at very long drive , 2ndly wat about the spare parts of vitz , plz also tell me which will be the best model to buy and if any dealer in karachi lahore plz tell me Thanks

  10. @momekh, @anyone

    i also want to purchase a vitz. please tell me which model is good and any dealer in lahore.


  11. I have Toyota Vitz 2005.Its awesome on Petrol but when cmes to CNG it gve so much noise n the pick is just Pathetic. can anyone plz advice if vitz can be adjusted on CNG?????

  12. I am looking for a car, vitz prices are gone very high. can any body compare the vitz price with used honda city prices. Specially in terms of parts availability and resale?

  13. @Moiz: A ‘directly imported’ Vitz can set you back around 9 to 10 lacs.
    A second-hand city, on the other hand, should cost you not more than 6 lacs. (7 lacs if it is a later model).

    One thing though, City performs very, very poorly on CNG, if you are planning to use CNG. Vitz, mind you, is a better car, better than Honda City.

    Good luck with the search,

  14. if you want a hatchback in Pakistan, vitz is definitely the way to go.
    i can’t believe people are still buying brand new cars with worse build quality and higher prices.

  15. Hi guyz…..plz let me know from where i should buy vitz 2004 model in isalamabad. would i be able to find the car, directly imported from foreign, here in isb. thnx

  16. Hi Guys, i have come to know that JP car point is the only authorised dealer in pakistan to import Vitz from japan ?

    plz confirm and also what is the price range of vitz for 2005 unregistered version and also should we need to make neccasary changings before CNG installations.

  17. Whoever told you that, probably worked for JP car point 😛
    To the best of limited knowledge, friend, anyone can import any car from anywhere in the world. Honda has a factory here, near Lahore, but still you can import their other cars from any part in the world.

  18. hi
    after reading your blogs,i havent yet cleared abt best model u need to purposed,price range and dignified color range of vitz.
    need your further comments

  19. cn smbdy yell me,,,,,z cng succefull on new vitz,,,,,
    da ppl who h experience of it plz share wd us,,,,,,

  20. Hi All

    momekh, Can you please let us know about the CNG Fitter and can you tell us what is the mileage that Vitz give in CNG and also in Petrol please… So kind of you

  21. Vitz–> hmm…lets see.. a presentable car that drinks petrol.. bad on cng! Short and upto point and lets not beat abt the bush!! not worth 10 lacs by any mean

  22. guys can anybody guide me whether honda city(2009) would be good or toyota vitz

  23. I would like to add that I’ve been using a 2002 Vitz auto for 3 years on CNG and it runs like a charm. It is miserly on both CNG and petrol consumption. Although I run it on CNG most of the time. It once did 196 km on a full 55 kg tank! (highway driving)
    And although it is slightly sluggish on CNG, it is a blast on petrol by any standards.
    Check out my review on my website for more details.

  24. hey gus can any one tell me that from where can i buy vitz car i loved it …..m range is 600,000

  25. Moiz whcih city are u in be specif by the way in 600,000 u willbe able to buy 1999 or 2000 model in good condition not more or less i guess.

  26. Dear guys I owned vitz 2001 A/T petrol. I am very happy and satisfied the way its Performa ring. Previously I owned civic 95, therefore I have fear that may vitz fulfill my driving needs or not.
    I have no shy of saying that vitz A/T is extremely performing well not even locally but also on highways, motorways and hilly areas.

    I have daily run of 120KM from wah to Islamabad to wah. It has best fuel average.
    Last week for checking its long route and climbing performance I went to Nathia galli from Islamabad via wah, haripur and abbotabad. I have no problem at all , I just take 5 minute stop at haripur.

    I take it to nathia galli steep with 4 people. Plenty of time I went to greans hotel and always my way back from nathia galli bazaar to hotel from steep hight of bazaar to green spot.

    It’s L and 2nd gears are very powerful while climbing or way back from mountains.

    It also have ABS brakes, at one place way back from abbotabad to haripur at 110KM speed I need to stop car in emergency as my front car almost close to stops . I fearfully press my brakes, but I realize that ABS controls it. Otherwise car must be skids or down the road which may in result of serious injuries.

    Guys I highly recommend VITZ.


  27. i miss my user guide of my xli 2008’s alpine car audio system plz send me as soon as posibal

  28. aasalam e alikum
    i have a vitz 2004.problem that my vitz locking.can u tel me plz what happend with that?????????????/

  29. Hi all.

    I have used different cars of diff brands available in Pakistan,.. I have no doubt to say that 90% of Pakistani people are price conscious and very conscious about fuel consumption…
    Now, if we compare the price of reconditioned vitz model 2006-7 it will cost around 9-10 Lac,,,, that is a high price to buy a small used car,,,,,,,
    in this price range frankly… one can have a good honda city or corolla saloon model that run excellent on CNG with high resale, good fuel average availability of parts and numerous other advantages besides being BIG…. 🙂

    No doubt vitz is presentable and good looking smart car as compared to other local models … but it should be priced b/w 5-7 Lac if we talk about comparative advantage…otherwise y should not go for BIG>>>>

  30. AOA , Please advise me , i am going to buy vitz 2006 , what i heard that vitz model after 2004 till now not work properly on CNG ,even CNG cannot install on these models. kindly advise me ,


  31. Free View pictures and videos, read interviews and biography, send emails to Pakistani male and female models online.

    Best regards.

  32. Vitz old and new shape have entirely different engines.
    Engine of old shape is ISZ-FE with 4 cylanders.
    New shape have IKR-FE Engine with 3 Cylanders.
    Old shape (199-2005) engine runs well on CNG.
    But after some time Malfunction Yellow lights comes and remains on dash board.
    which shows everything is not good.
    New shape (2005-2012) which have a different engine with AT do not run on CNG.
    If anyone is having a good experince.
    Pl let us know???

  33. hey all . i want to buy a vitz car above 2006 model on leas ,, plz if anyone wants to sell vitz on leas , please contact me at 03235425300

  34. I’ve driven a vitz
    n i like performane cars but i didnt likeed it at all(thats just my verdict)
    Small cars are cool but not this one n im not vary sure about the styling
    it would be cheap to maintain n all but u dont enjoy driving it
    small cars are made to do that for e.g The Swift thats fun to drive aur has a revvy engine too this hasnt got one

  35. AoA, Guys i own vitz 2007 with key less entry push start and all that luxuries.. i also own cultus of same model there is 100rs difference on same route, my cultus is running on cng and vitz on petrol!! Guys please help me out and give me best advise shall i go for cng on vitz… ??? last day i have visited “JILANI CNG” big name in karachi he showed me KIT OF BRC COMPANY and it cost 75k as well he’s giving me 3 months total money back gurantee and 1 year warranty.. now kindly Guide me what should i do ??because petrol prices are out of range … and its costing me 5.52 rs per km.. and if i go for cng 2.2 rs per km !!! Please help me out m stuck!!!!

  36. this car is my dream,
    yeh gari meri zindagi ki bri khwahish hai Allah kray mujhe miljayein

  37. can anyone tell me the price for a new vitz 2011 and also which banks are leasin it

  38. hey,waz up? ?h0w r yu all? ?i love thix car nd i want t0 buy vitz on installments, . .can anyone want t0 xale it on installment plzxz may God bless yu m0re ov thm. . .i can’t get it by direct money cash i can buy it on installment x0o plzxz help me:( . . .i want it. . .:)

  39. Hi Guys,

    Can anyone guide me about Vitz 1999, 2000 Models. I have to buy Manual Vitz of these models and these are available with CNG. But I have heard that there is a problem of ABS Brakes when you are driving with CNG and AC is on. The brakes dont work at all.
    can someone guide me in this regard.


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