Toyota Corolla 2009

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Toyota is one of the biggest car companies in the world. Period. They are so big it will make your head hurt. Their Corolla is the most sold car in the world, ever. The whole world. From Japan to the US. Wow, the most sold car in the world, you sure? Well, yes. Heck, just look at the Toyoto Corollas filling up the streets in Pakistan to get an idea for yourself. These Corollas are every where, like candy in a candy store.

It does not matter if you like the car or not. I have never liked the shape of the older Corolla model (I think it looked and still looks like a nee-oola :D ) and I still don’t like the new Toyota Corolla 2009. The car, in my opinion looks ugly. Then they want to confuse everybody by bringing in Altis in the 1.8 range, then upping the Corolla GLi from 1.6 to 1.8. Now the new Corolla 2008-2009 is called Altis as well as Corolla. It will set you a back a cool 1.8 million ruppes or so. Ok, to simply matters, I will shortly be posting the new Corolla prices with the respective trims (GLi, XLi, 2.0 D and Altis!). For the record, the 1.8 Corolla is now called Toyota Altis (or Toyota Corolla 1.8 Altis or any friggin’ combination thereof :/ ).

Anyways, here are the Toyota Corolla 2009 pictures

So tell me guys, do you think that:

  1. This is a good looking car?
  2. Is it even close to being worth 1,800,000 rupees?

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  3. you’re absolutely right Mohammad this new car makes me sick every time i look at it. it’s an ogre.
    but it does have a good interior and kit. and with the raised car prices, 1.8 mil might be justified but i’m not sure about it.

  4. Ugh! One would hope Toyota would eventually acquire some aesthetic sense but apparently that’s as likely as Zardari growing a conscience. I guess until people stop buying corollas altogether, Toyota won’t bother with the way it looks and keep churning out mutations of their historically ugly star-child every couple of years. However, the mere fact that Corollas sell like condoms at an orgy bears testament to the unbelievable reliability this car has been providing for decades. I’ll always hate how she looks, but i’ll always envy the guy who marries her. Thats corolla for you: the ex you wish wasn’t so boring you had to dump her.

  5. What an ugly aftermarket Audio system!

    Indus Motor is an OEM, they could not find the perfect fit Audio system for so called developed car??? The sound of front speakers is so pathetic.
    By chance, I have seen an orginal fit AV unit at one shop in Saddar. That was an outstanding equipment. But, shopowner was unwilling to sell it. He said “This is just sample and would be available after 3 months”

    I am eagarly waiting to get rid of factory installed audio system alongwith from speakers.

    Guys wait to change the Headunit…….

  6. I like GLi Toyota Corolla very much and plan to purchase within few months.

  7. this car is good but i agree its not worth a 1.8 million…and its all more apparent when you look at it after seeing the princess honda civic…ah…what a car ! by the way civic has a very very nice rear curve and backlights, infact the overall shape…only to be seen in the international models…

  8. All the things are very much owesome in corolla 2009. But only in XLI there are no power windows and the company should give this in XLI. By doing This in your next model of corolla XLI it will Inshaallah break the markiting of Honda Civic. My prays are with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. too expensive ..
    and i dont even like the car at all ..
    if i m spending 18 .. why not any japanase car ? these stupid mafia of automobiles in pakistan is back.. Chor agaye hay wapis ab gaaariyan bc mehengi hi milengi ..

  10. all you punks including mr momekh…corolla is a great car which is why its the most sold car in the world. its shape is awsome..resembles the new camry..the interior is excellent..and the price is a bit high.. 1.8mil is high ..but one should keep in mind that govt taxes have also risen…3-4 lacs is govt tax ..its sad but true friends….plus they have included some expensive parts/ mechanisms like ABS breaks and lamps on side mirrors, 15inch wheels etc..which adds to its thing abt corolla is that its considered to be ” Market ki car” …i.e easy resale and minimum losses on resale…and this point alone makes this car a winner…so mr momek and the rest of the punks..keep your immature and wannabe-ish comments to your sorry selves and start doing something constructive.

  11. its too much expensive…itnay paiso mai tou bandah civic ly ly…fazul hai..
    is say achi tou new honda city hai..

  12. its fucking bad car, extrior with bad interior new honda city is much better i wish i hadnt bought this car before or should have gone for honda civic atleast it totally sucks awefull audio system no sense of style and its almost a carbon copy of camry(ALMOST) so bulky and last but not the least way too expensive fro such an expensive car I WOULD RECOMMEND EVERYBODY HONDA CITY 2009

  13. hey guys i m goi9 to buy a new car which 1 shud i buy
    1. toyota corolla gli
    2. honda city automatic

    which 1 is da best car ???
    sumbody told me dat honda city has a very small trunk ??
    do toyota corolla gli contains cruisetronic ????
    plz answer

  14. I have owned the corolla xli since november 2008 (2009 model). I am quite happy with it. frankly there is no other car which is suitable for the broken intercity roads of our country. The performance of the VVTI engine is pretty good. Besides it is also quite economical on petrol despite the large body. The interior is spacious. I love my car.

  15. Ahhh, the old Honda Vs. Toyota (Civic/City Vs. Corolla/Altis) debate…Refreshing to see a blog that deals with such matters. There are but two kind of people on this planet folks, those that drive hondas and those that drive corollas (assuming theyre choices are limited to those two, which for all intents and purposes they are in this land)….I own the old Gli by force (company car: free) BUT I also own a civic of old, and for me it is very simple….The very fact that Corolla commands a greater resale and consumes less fuel is ample evidence that:
    - It is a boring, sluggish, truck like thing to drive, always has been, always will be
    - It has an underpowered engine no matter which angle you look at it
    - It has the kind of mass appeal reserved for countries with low literacy rates, a ‘shopkeeper’ like mentality, and herd behaviour
    And if that werent enough, consider this: The Government prefers this car over the city (enough said)

  16. Dear sir … YOur toyota corolla 2009 model is the best car in the whole countries …. i like it vey much when i going to market i see the new shaped of toyota its look is very excellent like a Lion …. and so much attractive i wish u all the very best u and your staff of toyota corrolla …. Honda civic is very boring car however it is 2008 model or 2009 model .. this is the dull car .. But the new corolla 2009 is very excellent car .. there is no match with civic all types … very bg excellent interior inner … speakers are very best .. brakes abs also excellent . and Good performance on the road .. may Allah blessing u and your staff who made Toyota corolla ….. I love toyota corolla all types of models specially 2009 Model ……… look georgious i love u sir …….

    RAna fazian zahid
    genral manager utc ..

  17. metallugy and finishing of new corolla is pathetic. Its probably because of great production line. Quality has been compromised over quantity. No comparison with honda city. city is far far better than corolla. or if at all u wanna buy corolla buy japanesse corolla. Pakistani corolla is “tin ka dabba” and nothing more.

  18. he guys lstn ya sab fuzul ki batein hai toyotaka prices new city sa kam hai cuz xli is 12 lakhs 40 thousand nd gli is 13lakhs 65 thousand nd city is almost like cults or lit bit more in size its dum bulshit kar in interior .toyota is da bst so plz always go 4 toyota .nd pik wise new toyota is more then city …nd it have the much power that can mostly run with civic 1.8 nd toyata body is also large nd agla shape bilkul jahaz jesa hai…i love my car

  19. i belong to Pakistan, our highways are always broken, always there are patches on the highway that are dangerous and sometimes our cars bottoms do touch those cracks and patches so i prefer corolla instead of Civic!
    i admit civic is luxury and thus is a sensitive car and has a low ground clearance but corolla has a high road clearance and is a rough n tough car as compared to civic!
    if we compare both compare these cars on the basis of luxury then civic wins but if we compare them on the basis of long life, resale value and road conditions corolla absolutely wins!
    it cant b compared wid civic wid da civic on the basis of luxury! civic is absolutely is a comfortable and luxury car!
    how many of you agree wid my opinion?

  20. hello dear .this is collola too much expensive and this is no good looking is my request all corrola is auto window for example xli gli 2d saloon is all.and with lary rim .and cd player and tape .and with very important thing abs and ssr is very important in every new car.

  21. Further to my earlier comments I wish to add that the following after using the car for 7 months (I have 1.3 litre XLI): (1) Fuel economy is excellent. I get 14+ in city driving and 15+ on motorway (120 km/hr). On GT road (expressway) where the speed limit is 100 km/hr, I get 18+. I think for a car of the size of corolla it is damn good milage. (2) The new VVTi engine gives much better acceleration, especially with one/two people in the car. (3) The ride is quite. (4) Sound system is not bad. Only it was not possible to add extra speakers as no space has been provided in rear doors. (5) Air conditioning system is damn good and much better than the Suzuki Cultis which I use as second car. (6) Brakes are a lot better as compared to the 2004 model Corolla 2.0D which I disposed off. (7) Driving stability is damn good.

  22. jis kay pas jo gare hai wo us ke tareef kr raha hai…. mere khayal say dono toyota and honda achei hain.. lakin corolla may options ziada hai civic aur city say….. waisay sb he bethar hain

  23. corolla iz much to0ugh den honda pakistan roads r not in good condition,so corolla is best 4 it

  24. I have 2.0d ssr and install turbo and removed speed restrition it all worth RS15000 and i go 220 kph and in my last car 1990 corrolla with these specs did 200 kph

  25. for pakistani roads only corrola is the best car i love driving it very much and hate suzuki

  26. kind tell me how bad is re sale of city 2010,or generally any city. does some cities number has impact on resale as well. which car shall i go wiht city 2010 , xli,or gli. main points in in my consideration are .
    price , resale , maintanence cost, safety and comfort,
    considering all points what will be the end advise ,
    kind regards

  27. I went through the whole thread and found out nothing that would help in deciding the kinda vehicle one should buy. I own 2004 city and now planning to buy a new car probably GLI though I dont like it much but still not having much of choice as new city has poor acceleration and interior while sitting in new city I felt I am sitting in a Chinese toy store. City is deliberately made ugly at least to to my observation this is done asthe pricing policy of Honda company whereas Toyota takes the credit of offering the same shape in 1300 and 1800. I decided to buy toyota GLI as cant afford to buy Civic which is overpriced which is known as price rationing keeping middle class away from it and maintaining the class of car which to certain extent is justified. Civic beyond any doubt represents a class which only camry can compete.

  28. A full review of the ‘older’ Honda City is in order, for sure….
    One thing is for sure, Honda engines are somehow underpowered. I am talking about horsepower, I am talking about the ‘feel’ of the engine.

    I agree with pretty much all points made by Shahid.

    I am not a big fan of Corolla but for all practical purposes, the Corolla is better than the City. Why?
    Well, that is material for a soon-to-come post as well, inshAllah.

  29. Dear All:
    Can some one comment on the fuel consumption comparison. In Pakistan fuel prices matters a lot. I observed a lot of people have converted their new cars Honda city as well as Corolla to CNG. One of my relative is using Corolla for the last 4 years on CNG and is happy with the performance. One of my friend has just older model of City and due to its fuel economy (17 km per L) on motorway, he seems to be more satisfied and never thought to have the conversion. I have brand new Corolla GLI and my observation is that it is giving 12 km / L. If so City is fuel economy car.

    Every one knew that drive comfort on Petrol is better as compared to CNG. If per km cost is not too far, then every one will prefer to use petrol instead of CNG due to CNG other disadvantages like you need to refill about three time while travelling to Islamabad. Ever stop counts at least 10 minutes. so you are wasting 30 minutes just on this account. Times matters and some people say time is money. Moreover, its weight and reduction of luggage compartment.

    Concluding my statement;

    •What is the average of Toyota GLI (km / litter), at one site i studied it is 4.5 litters per 100km, is it true?
    •What is the average of new City 1.3 (km / litter), is it same as the older one.
    •Both the cars have 1.3 L engines, so more or less the average should be the same expect the weight and volume factor.
    •Is it worthwhile to have the CNG conversion, the manufacturers of both the cars do not recommend it?
    •I would be obliged for expert’s opinion.

  30. Xli and gli has the exact same shape, the same engine strength so what’s the point for not including power windows and abs in xli. that is not fair

  31. i have heard this from many people that cars from honda donot give good performance on CNG as corlloa does.. and HOnda also doesnot recommend CNG.. is this true.. need replies from expert. plz advice that one should go for honda city latest model or corolla gli

  32. do these pakistani car manufacturers import different parts of cars from japan or they use the “local” material? & make the whole product here in pakistan??

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