The Bahria Town car crash

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Car Racing Accident at Bahria

Car Racing at Bahria Town is not something new

On Sunday, 5th December 2010, 5 spectators died when a racing car skidded off from the road and onto the nearby spectators.This happened in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

Bahria Town is pretty known to hold these car races. Make no mistake, these car races were exactly that; cars that will race with each other, and there never was any type of organization, security, precautions or ANYTHING.

The saddest bit is that the races were ‘organized’ enough to find and get sponsors for the events, but no one had the slightest of idea to put some rudimentary safety precautions (such as tire stacks on the side of road etc).
This accident, like most unfortunate accidents, could have been prevented.

To top it all off, Commissioner Rawalpindi, Zahid Saeed said that the race was illegally organised. But according to this item at the Express Tribune, there is more confusion to it than simply calling it ‘not allowed’. But as far as I am concerned, if a police official is calling it illegal, it probably was.

The Lessons

  • One shouldn’t jump the gun and call the sport of car racing out right illegal.
  • Proper arrangements MUST be made to ensure safety, of not only the spectators, but of the drivers themselves (roll bars should be made a mandatory feature of any car wanting to race)
  • No one should EVER be allowed to stand NEXT to the race track itself!

Car racing is a neglected sport in Pakistan. It shouldn’t be. But sad incidents like these makes your blood boil, as the grieving families are left with no one but everyone to blame. God guide and protect us all.

Pictures from the race

A friend, Moaaz Burki, was present at the race. He was witness to the ‘last race’ and has taken some pictures.

One thought on “The Bahria Town car crash

  1. I would like to add a minor detail, i’ve attended every race event held at this very location. There have been events where there was absolutely no crowd control and spectators were spilling on to the road, and still the races went ahead. However, this particular event was the so far, the best drag race event held at this location. In terms of organization, content, control it had all of them. Crowd safety was kept in mind and they had done pretty decent job too. All spectators were asked to stay behind the drainage line which was roughly 20-25 feet from the strip, plus they had a banner stretched all along the track with Bahria Town and Private Guards standing roughly 10 feet from each other there to not let people cross the drain line.
    Click to see what i mean.

    No doubt, the onus lies on the organizers. The question is, would this be looked at as Murder or An Accident?

    I was especially annoyed when i heard Bahria Town issued a statement that they had no knowledge of any event being organized in their premises and the person who had given permission had been dismissed on grounds of misconduct as he was not authorized to permit such events in Bahria Town. Now, the twist, allegedly Ali Riaz son of Malik Riaz is the PERSON who authorizes these events. And he was repeatedly thanked during the event by the man on the Mic.

    Now coming to the DCO’s statement that they had not issued an NoC for the event, however, a Police Mobile was present there, i wonder if they were just there to enjoy the race!? And if the NoC had not been issued, how were they able to capture PTCL as a main sponsor and also PSO? From my experience whenever such an event comes up there is proper documentation sent to the potential sponsor and these include a copy of the NoC from all parties.

    If only these two (Bahria Town & The DCO) had issued more mature statements, this incident could have been isolated and controlled. To me this was an accident, Majid (The Driver) did not intend to kill anyone, nobody does and neither did the organizers. People should not look at this as an ILLEGAL DEATH RACE WITH NO RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE!!

    Such events should not be banned and declared illegal, safety standards can improve and in the next one they would’ve improved. I’m confident 🙂

    Nonetheless, safety standards have to improve and such initiatives should not be

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