The 10 Greatest Cars on Television — Ever??

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James Tate of MSN Autos recently declared the following as the “10 Greatest Cars on Television – Ever” but I think our worthy readers can comment on the list and might even suggest some changes. I personally was a little offended to not find ‘Chico’s Van’ from Chico & the Man TV Series & Dodge Viper from the hit series Viper. Are they missing any other greatest cars?

10. 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from “Knight Rider”
9. 1986 Ferrari Testarossa from “Miami Vice”
8. 1951 Ford F1 from “Sanford and Son”
7. 1975 Ford Gran Torino from “Starsky and Hutch”
6. 1983 GMC G15 Van from “The A-Team”
5. 1983 Ferrari 308 GTS from “Magnum P.I.”
4. 1969 Dodge Charger from “The Dukes of Hazzard”
3. 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser from “That 70’s Show”
2. 1975 Pontiac Firebird Esprit from “The Rockford Files”
1. 1966 Batmobile (aka 1955 Lincoln Futura Concept) from “Batman”

One thought on “The 10 Greatest Cars on Television — Ever??

  1. My favorite has to be ferrari 308, from Magnum PI. Not because it’s a shiny, red Ferrari, but because the show was too damn good. :)

    But Knight Rider will always be the most ‘admired’ car when I was growing up. (wondering, do we stop ‘growing up’ at any stage? :/ ) :)

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