Chocolate car, anyone?

With Valentine’s day quickly approaching, have you prepared a gift or some sort of surprise or something, anything at all? If no, well you’ve still got 6 days to plan. But please there is no sense in running around at the last minute, please. So, this year be prepared for it! Think of something new and exciting. Lets see what we can have:

  1. Chocolate cake
  2. Chocolate box
  3. Chocolate bars
  4. Chocolate candies
  5. Chocolate Car, hold it there! a chocolate car? Ahaan. A Chinese car dealer covered a car in chocolate for Valentine’s Day.

car coated in chocolate

“About 200kgs of melted chocolate was spread over the VW Beetle after it was first wrapped in cling film.

Seven people worked overnight to make sure the chocolate car was ready to go on display on the morning of Valentine’s Day.

According to China News Network, the car attracted many viewers and lovers to the dealer in Qingdao city.”

If you’re not up for the chocolate car, Craftbits is a cool fun site with many DIY gift ideas, a little something to spark your creativity and hopefully help the light bulb to come on. :)
Remember it’s the thought that counts :)