Oil change! Do I have to?

Did you know that changing your engine oil or motor oil on a regular basis actually helps optimize the performance of your car. It’s worth-while and cost-effective. Motor oil not only lubricates moving parts of the engine, it keeps them clean, reduces friction, and helps the engine keep its cool :)

It works like this: Motor oil runs through the entire engine lubricating, reducing friction in moving parts, acting as a coolant and absorbs enormous amount of heat generated inside the engine while maintaining its thickness. While it’s running around with a purpose, it absorbs harmful particles on its way too which then deposit in the oil filter. After some times, the oil loses it’s thickens and the oil filter is full of dirt, rust and other bits. That’s your cue that its time is up and now we need a brand new oil to protect our precious metal.

Oil change doesn’t have to come at a price. DIY is the best way but if you don’t feel like it, a quick trip to your nearest petrol station or motor mechanic will do the trick but make sure that they put your vehicle’s oil cap back into place and tighten it.

Oil change? What does it mean?

  1. First the old, well used oil gets drained and replaced with a new one.
  2. Old and rotten oil filter if so is disposed of.
  3. Air filter is checked and if necessary, replaced.

How often should car oil be changed?

There are a number of ways to check if your car needs an oil change or not depending on the type of car:

  • The red or yellow indicator light or warning lamp on the dashboard
  • Blackened engine oil color,
  • Smoke from the exhaust pipe but only tab.test generates authentic results. So the best bet for you is to change your motor oil after every 5000 km or time guideline prescribed by your motor-mechanic.Engine oil dipstick test

The image on the right shows quite noticeable difference between the brand new and the well used, old, darkened engine oil.

Can we use the same oil for petrol and diesel engines?

The answer is No. Diesel and petrol engines burn at different temperature and their engine oil is designed to meet their requirements accordingly.

Don’t forget to scratch it:

It is the duty of car-mechanics and who-so-ever changes engine oil that they must scratch the sticker on the oil bottle or make a hole in the bottle before disposing it of. This prevents the bottle from being re-used. So, it’s important that you make sure, the bottle can not be re-used over and over again.

There are a number of good quality engine oils available in the market Shell, PCO, Caltex etc. So, make sure that you buy the very best because, motor oil is to engine what blood is to human beings because, it’s circulation inside the engine is similar to the blood flow in the human body.

So, which type of motor oil do you prefer for your car and why?