The ‘All New’ Honda City

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img_gallery01What I don’t understand is that why do Honda meed ‘so many’ sedan brands? If Accord is a class apart & in the same league as Toyota Camry then why are City & Civic cutting into each other’s market share? Conceeded that City started as an attempt by Honda to make a ‘budget’ sedan but isn’t that like Suzuki’s job?

The introduction of City (which is neither cheap nor expensive @ Rs.1.139M for 1.3L M/T & Rs.1.399M for 1.3L A/T) has ‘only’ allowed Suzuki to rias its products’ prices so that City is no at par with Liana and we being a nation ‘riased on a Suzuki’ will trust a Suzuki more while viewing the ‘reduced’  price of a Honda brand (City) with suspicion.

I myself (& those like me) have driven a Japanese-assembled Mitsubishi Lancer for about four years & it is yet to be taken to a garage so I will Insha Allah buy another Lancer once the current lease ends in May next year.

So the question is: WHOSE MARKET HAS THE CITY MOST ADVERSELY AFFECTED? I think its CIVIC’s which is (despite local-assembly) still priced slightly below the Lancer. (CIVIC 1.8L VTi Oriel @ Rs.1.734M to Mitsubishi Lancer’s 1.6L GLX @ Rs.1.899M – both M/T models).

I think Toyota has got it right. Instead of 2 brands they have ‘sub-brands’ within Corolla Brand such as Altis & 2.0D. (Altis of same displacement as Civic is a lot cheaper i.e Rs.1.639M while Altis 1.8 M/T SR is also priced below Civic VTi Oriel i.e. Rs.1.724M).

All manufacturers/marketers do make up their own names for similar technologies to ‘differentiate’ otherwise similar products. As far as I am concerned they all have engines, doors, windows, Steering, Gears & brake/clutch/accelarator pedals what else is there to have.

Toyota Corolla 2009

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Toyota is one of the biggest car companies in the world. Period. They are so big it will make your head hurt. Their Corolla is the most sold car in the world, ever. The whole world. From Japan to the US. Wow, the most sold car in the world, you sure? Well, yes. Heck, just look at the Toyoto Corollas filling up the streets in Pakistan to get an idea for yourself. These Corollas are every where, like candy in a candy store.

It does not matter if you like the car or not. I have never liked the shape of the older Corolla model (I think it looked and still looks like a nee-oola 😀 ) and I still don’t like the new Toyota Corolla 2009. The car, in my opinion looks ugly. Then they want to confuse everybody by bringing in Altis in the 1.8 range, then upping the Corolla GLi from 1.6 to 1.8. Now the new Corolla 2008-2009 is called Altis as well as Corolla. It will set you a back a cool 1.8 million ruppes or so. Ok, to simply matters, I will shortly be posting the new Corolla prices with the respective trims (GLi, XLi, 2.0 D and Altis!). For the record, the 1.8 Corolla is now called Toyota Altis (or Toyota Corolla 1.8 Altis or any friggin’ combination thereof :/ ).

Anyways, here are the Toyota Corolla 2009 pictures

So tell me guys, do you think that:

  1. This is a good looking car?
  2. Is it even close to being worth 1,800,000 rupees?