The ‘All New’ Honda City

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img_gallery01What I don’t understand is that why do Honda meed ‘so many’ sedan brands? If Accord is a class apart & in the same league as Toyota Camry then why are City & Civic cutting into each other’s market share? Conceeded that City started as an attempt by Honda to make a ‘budget’ sedan but isn’t that like Suzuki’s job?

The introduction of City (which is neither cheap nor expensive @ Rs.1.139M for 1.3L M/T & Rs.1.399M for 1.3L A/T) has ‘only’ allowed Suzuki to rias its products’ prices so that City is no at par with Liana and we being a nation ‘riased on a Suzuki’ will trust a Suzuki more while viewing the ‘reduced’  price of a Honda brand (City) with suspicion.

I myself (& those like me) have driven a Japanese-assembled Mitsubishi Lancer for about four years & it is yet to be taken to a garage so I will Insha Allah buy another Lancer once the current lease ends in May next year.

So the question is: WHOSE MARKET HAS THE CITY MOST ADVERSELY AFFECTED? I think its CIVIC’s which is (despite local-assembly) still priced slightly below the Lancer. (CIVIC 1.8L VTi Oriel @ Rs.1.734M to Mitsubishi Lancer’s 1.6L GLX @ Rs.1.899M – both M/T models).

I think Toyota has got it right. Instead of 2 brands they have ‘sub-brands’ within Corolla Brand such as Altis & 2.0D. (Altis of same displacement as Civic is a lot cheaper i.e Rs.1.639M while Altis 1.8 M/T SR is also priced below Civic VTi Oriel i.e. Rs.1.724M).

All manufacturers/marketers do make up their own names for similar technologies to ‘differentiate’ otherwise similar products. As far as I am concerned they all have engines, doors, windows, Steering, Gears & brake/clutch/accelarator pedals what else is there to have.

Third generation Honda City launched – finally

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Good news for anyone thinking of buying a new car. The much awaited, 3rd generation model of  it’s popular Sedan, all new city with its 1.3 liter i-VTEC engine finally launched in Pakistan on Saturday Jan 31st, 2009 was definitely worth the wait.

It’s brand new look, high-tech knobs and meters, smaller steering-wheel, well-researched seats, improved air-conditioning ventilators, aerodynamic exterior, is far more spacious than its predecessor. But the best feature of this City is ABS (Automatic Anti-lock Braking system). The DBW (drive by wire) technology and ABS form a lethal combo when it comes to controlling the vehicle.

Add in the newspaper

Honda City’s standard version starts from Rs. 13,09,000, whiles it automatic (five speed automatic transmission) model will cost Rs. 14,29,000 seems to be a bit costly of the kind of consumers its predecessors had.

Atsushi Yamazaki, President & CEO Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited said, the launch of the new City marks a very important day in the Honda’s history in Pakistan. Honda City made its debut in 1996 to meet the requirements of Honda customers in Asia and as a result was introduced in Pakistan in 1997. Over the last ten years The City has grown to be an important model sold in 39 countries reaching beyond the Asian Region.

With the new City in town you can go ahead and treat yourself to a new Car in the new Year.
Mai tai Honda he lai saan!

New Honda City Pictures

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Although the new Honda City pictures have been circulating the web and are available on websites like Pakwheels and here, the following pictures are sent from our friends in Malaysia.

There are some 17 pictures in the following albums of the new Honda City 2009 (due in Feb 09):

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Launch date of The New Honda City 2009

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I know a lot of people in Pakistan are curious to know the exact launch date of the new Honda City 2009.

So now it is confirmed, Honda City 2009 is being launched in Pakistan in February of 2009.

A review of Honda cars in Pakistan in general, and Honda City in particular is coming up here at, and if it is anything like the Suzuki Mehran review, you guys better stay tuned. 🙂

You can book the new Honda City for PKR 1,052,000. The engine size (and the engine technology) seems to remain at 1300 CC. (As opposed to the anticipated 1500 CC only).

Honda City 2009 is definitely more pleasing to look at as compared to the current City that you see on the road nowadays. The backside of a bus looks more pleasing than the current City, but let us leave that for another post 😉 .

If your internet connection permits, check out this video of the new Honda City at YouTube.

Honda City 2008-2009

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The new Honda City is set to be introduced in the Pakistani Market.

Couple that with the news item that Corolla is now only coming out as a 1.6, this leaves the middle class market totally empty for Honda to eat up! The new design is much better than the horror that roams our streets. If this is what the new Honda City looks like, then all is goood.

Images courtesy of pakwheels