What to do in First 10 Minutes of Car Rental

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I have compiled most of the small but very important to do things in the first 10 minutes when you rent a car. Please go through all the points to learn in detail and save yourself whole lot of time and money with your rental vehicle.

Time starts now 00:01

Check for scratches and minor dents all around the car with the agent and take notes of that. Feel free to take photos with your smartphone camera for your record. During the process you may find any scratch that is missed by the agent.

The next couple of minutes 01:01

Now you should start the engine and keep it running. This will let you know that the engine is running normal and without any noises and leakages. In the meantime, you must also check the air conditioning and heating depending on the season. If you need map or GPS, its time to set it now. You should also ask the agent the best route out of the area to approach the motorway.


Set yourself up in the vehicle and adjust seat, steering wheel and mirrors. Carefully adjust all the mirrors this will save you few heartbeats while entering the high speed lane and merging with heavy traffic.


You need to check the audio system and figure out how you can find and save radio stations. Search and tune few channels beforehand it will help you to avoid all possible reasons of accident. In fact, this has already happened to me, when I hit the footpath on a curve while I was tuning the radio stations. So, take your time to set it all up before you start driving your rental vehicle.


Go through all the controls of windows, windshield wipers, lights and turn signals. These controls are normally easy to figure out in most of the cars but its always good to get familiar to know what is where.

At the 08:00 minutes

Figure out the light switches, turn on-off the light and high beams this will also make sure that everything is fine and you don’t have to worry about while returning the rental car. Next step is to find the fuel latch to keep yourself from a little piece of embarrassment of popping open the trunk at petrol station, so find it now! Check the emergency break and release it if it is on.


Now is the time to buckle up and put the car in gear and start rolling it. Go out of the parking lot and into the main road.


Now think, which way to go again? Did you set the destination on smartphone GPS? How to roll down the window? How to turn on and tune the radio stations? Man! You have already set it all up but remember things can get worse if you’re not attentive in the first 10 minutes. You might be driving on the opposite side of the road altogether, especially when you are coming from another city or abroad. When you are up to rent a car in Lahore then this little exercise of first 10 minutes will save you time, money and stress and you will enjoy your trip. You can thank me later!

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