Leasing Cars in Pakistan

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Hello and Asalaam o Alaikum,

CarAdvice.pk is Pakistan’s first blog dedicated to cars, and we are always happy to see Pakistanis interacting with each other about cars, and advising each other.

CarAdvice is about to launch a mini portal where we will be listing all relevant information for car leasing, God willing.
We will not only mention where to get the best rates for car lease (and insurance) but will be in a position to assist you with email advice and support.
We would like your help.

We want to build something that you’d really like. So we want to do the right thing and ask you.
Would you like:

  • An online lease calculator where you can see exactly how much a car is going to cost you on lease, here in Pakistan (and in your own city, like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad or wherever you are from!)
  • A free service where you can be offered advice from the bankers and car leasers themselves as to how to best select a car, lease and insurance rates etc
  • A community where the advice is free and you get to read and hear from people who have leased cars from different banks and are willing to share information with you
  • and finally, would you like to be in a position to share your experience of leasing out a vehicle here in Pakistan, with other Pakistanis

If Yes, then sign up

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We would go ahead if we find that you are interested in leasing a car. So please, if you are interested in this, sign up to the Car Advice Leasing Email list ABOVE (The moment we launch our Leasing portal, we will inform you via email). As a token of our appreciation for your early sign up, we will be offering special discounts to all the users who sign up now. Please, enter your name and email address and click on ‘Subscribe’

OR you can leave suggestions and/or feedback in the comments section below (please make sure that the email address you enter is a valid one).

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