TDCP Drag racing in Lahore

Car racing on the streets of Lahore – especially the Main Boulevard – have been around for some time now. Every Sunday, people from all around the city with their Firebirds, RX8s and what not would gather at the McDonalds on Main Boulevard and then race from the famed ‘fawara waala chowk’.

Well, this type of racing has always been considered dangerous, if not illegal. NO MORE, it seems.

TDCP is arranging a drag racing ‘competition’ this Sunday (Feb 1st, 2009).
This by all means, is an interesting development.

Drag racing is in fact the only format of racing that we can afford here, given the lack of any circuit of any sort.

All the Fast and the Furious type people with their souped up cars with monsters under their car hoods are all expected to show up on this event.

Stay tuned to CarAdvice PK for all the details.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Got the pictures and the owner has agreed to give a detailed review of Land Cruiser Prado. As the review is on the way, I would like to share a nice little feature that is found in this 4×4: The camera that gives a detailed view of the surroundings at the back of the Prado.

When you put the vehicle in reverse, the display inside the car automatically shows the view:

When you put the car in reverse, the screen switches to the camera at the back of the car.

When you put the car in reverse, the screen switches to the camera at the back of the car.

But the real clever bit is the use of simple and easy to understand lines that show the expected path of the vehicle depending on which way you turn the wheels!

close up of the screen with a neat overlay of lines showing the expected path of the vehicle

close up of the screen with a neat overlay of lines showing the expected path of the vehicle

You turn the wheels a certain way, and the yellow lines will adjust accordingly, showing you the expected path of the vehicle. As you can see, I am right now reversing into the gate.

No more neck twisting, left-arm-behind-passenger-seat type of reversing. This makes your driving experience a tad more pleasurable – and in today’s high end cars, it is the little things that make the biggest difference, no?

Basic Info:

Car Name: Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Model: 2003

Registered: 2004

Price: PKR 3.5 Million

Color: Silver

P.S. I will be uploading the pictures as soon as I get the review in place, God willing.

Petrol shortage in Lahore

Hunt for petrol is becomming a norm these days. 

A couple of days back, I was hunting for petrol.


  • There was no petrol at Shell Petrol pump (called Battleaxe, located on Shami Road, Cantt). 
  • There was no petrol at PSO Gulberg (in Industrial Area Gulberg, near Pepsi Factory Lahore)
  • There was petrol at Shell, M M Alam Road! Thank God. The line was long, as expected:
After waiting in the line (and right after I took this picture), a fight broke out. And what a violent fight it exploded into! One guy started cursing the petrol pump staff for not getting him to check the petrol meter. The curses soon were replaced with the customer swinging wild, well-aimed punches at the employee’s face.
And that is when all hell broke lose! 
Practically all employees, with their red coats and sticks and punches and kicks, literally beat the pulp out of the customer. They ran out on the street (M M Alam road) after him. Right in front of me, one employee – as red in anger as his coat – tried to snatch the pump-action gun from the petrol pump’s guard! Thankfully, the guard was not as furious and managed to drive away the raging employee! This kind of situation could easily have lead to a person’s death right in front of my eyes. 
Right after the fight, they closed the petrol pump down! Well! What a time to pick a fight! 
I – hoping against odds – went to Total petrol station (on M M Alam). Thankfully, there was petrol there. I got out of my car, and told the event at Shell to the Total pump’s management. They seemed to take heed and immediately started regulating the hodge-podge of rickshaws and motorbikes on one of the station in to a proper line!
Finding petrol was never this eventful, I am told. What do you think? :/