Suzuki Mehran

There is a company in Pakistan that makes large tin cans, puts wheels under ‘em and calls them cars. They got so good at this that they called the smaller tin can Alto, then after some time decided that it should be localized, hence the Mehran was born.

I have owned this little wonder, this bundle of joy that sometimes I call, when I am in a good mood, a car. The urdu speaking visitors to this website will understand the word ‘peepa’ and can relate to the review I would write, if I ever was to write one for Suzuki Mehran.

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Car rentals in Pakistan

Are you looking to rent a car in Pakistan?

You may be a person intending to visit the country of Pakistan, you may be looking to rent out something that car take your 11 other friends to the northern areas or you may want to rent a high end car just to get that itch out! :)

Some of the global brands of car rental like Hertz and Avis are already operating in Pakistan. If you are looking to hire a car anywhere in Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad, I suggest you give these international brands a try. But there is, umm, a problem.

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Toyota Vitz Review

Here in Pakistan, one of the best things about importing cars seems to be not the red ferarri you sometimes see on the streets of Lahore, but the car for the people, Toyota Vitz!

Now, this is a great car. I have talked to at leas three owners of this sharply round car and all three did not have good things to say about the car; they had great things to say about it!

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Buying an audio system for your car

One of my friends is in the market for a decent sound system for his Honda City. (He owns the regular one, not the new Honda City – not yet :) ).

He did what any Internet savvy person would do, he searched online. Not surprisingly, he found, one of the largest online forum about Pakistani cars.

Knowing that a lot of people search for information regarding car audio system, I thought that here at Car Adivce, there should be a basic criteria for purchasing a car audio system. The following is to help you decide the type of system you want, based on very important factors apart from just the price (Price is a constraint, never to be mistaken for a feature). So I present to you the progressive guide to buying a car audio system:

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When it comes to cars, CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas.

CNG could also mean saving worth thousands of rupees per month. It can also mean that you have something to show for after watching An Inconvenient Truth :) . Although not many (hardly any!) people here in Pakistan are concerned about their carbon foot print, there are many who would love to save. This little article gives you the low down on CNG for your car, answering questions about CNG safety (exploding cars?!?!) and engine life.

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