The Canadian Connection: cars stolen in Ottawa end up in Pakistan

Thieves in Ottawa, Canada are renting out cars and then shipping them off to their international clientelle! Pakistan, being the ever-ready market for cars, is on the list of destinations for these theives, as reported by

The 1999 Honda Civic was the most frequently stolen vehicle of 2007. This is the model’s third year in a row as the most popular vehicle for thieves.

Honda Civic 1999

Just have a look at the 1999 Honda Civic model as served to the Canadian populace. Apart from the fact that car model vary tremendously across countries, a younger brother so to speak, of this model of the Honda Civic is already in Pakistan.

Also, the car shown here is a two door thing of beauty and I sure as hell hope that they don’t call it Orial!

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The new BMW X6 is not an SUV, neither it is a Coupe; it is both of them put together. BMW calls it SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle). We are now supposed to gag at the creative naming system by the ingenious nomenclature gods. Don’t wish for a SUV folks, wish for an SAV. Anyways, coming to the car itself. I mean SAV. (But BMW is calling it Sports Activity Coupe, so it is already a SAC)

The Outside: It does look unique: a cross between a Coupe and an SUV will. A little something like the X5 and a bit like the BMW Z4, you will be forgiven to think that the BMW X6 looks like a British Bulldog from the back. But as stated earlier, it looks good enough to want one :)

Now, the real goodness about this car; the interior. (with more pictures of X6)

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Honda City 2008-2009

The new Honda City is set to be introduced in the Pakistani Market.

Couple that with the news item that Corolla is now only coming out as a 1.6, this leaves the middle class market totally empty for Honda to eat up! The new design is much better than the horror that roams our streets. If this is what the new Honda City looks like, then all is goood.

Images courtesy of pakwheels